DVS3D is a virtual reality coordination platform that can directly obtain data of various 3D computer aided design (CAD) software in real time. It can freely build 3D virtual scenes and work with 3D immersive projection systems and interactive devices to provide collaborative design, visual management, and real-time interaction.

Users will feel like they are displaying designs, review programs, evaluate decisions, assemble machines, and simulate trainings in real environments.

Visual Management: Perception of visual display of 3D models designed based on PCs is limited, not realizing immersive display. Other software is necessary to convert data, leading to tedious operations. Furthermore, CAD-based designs are monotonously displayed, with limited display functions. Therefore, it is hard to know real and accurate project development results and make correct decisions.

DVS3D uses the visual management function, which supports scene editing, display effects adjustment, and 3D display, to represent design results through high-quality images and immersive display.